Listening & Learning Results

Learn about what we heard in the first round of engagement for the Together Roswell strategic planning process!

Phase I Report

The strategic planning process is an opportunity for the entire city to pause, take stock and define what we want Roswell to be in the future and how we get there. Specifically, the strategic plan will memorialize the vision, values, goals and objectives of the city for the next five years.

This initial phase of engagement was designed to collect feedback from as many residents and stakeholders as possible. Over several months, the planning team (including city staff, process volunteers and the consulting team) gathered thousands of pieces of individual input. These comments and ideas were databased, categorized and analyzed for resonant topics and themes.

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Interactive Mapping Results

Composite Map

During the in-person workshops, participants received three green, red and yellow sticky dots.
One-at-a-time, participants placed a corresponding dot on a large map at the center
of the table. Once the dot was placed, table leaders labeled the dot and asked the
commenter to name the place and tell the group why that place was either strong, an
opportunity or a place that could be better. These comments were captured on the
group’s recording form. The same activity was performed during pop-up engagement
events with a wall size map and through the online question prompt. A composite map
of all the comments collected through this activity is available later in this report and
through the process website.

This map displays all of the strong, opportunity, and weak places submitted by participants during the Together Roswell Listening and Learning Engagement Round. Press the button below to view and interact with the composite mapping results

View the full composite map