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Below are answers to common questions about the process.

What is Together Roswell? Together Roswell is a community-engagement effort to develop a city-wide strategic plan to guide decisions about Roswell’s future. This plan will be rooted in a community vision supported through common values, goals, and objectives. Through Together Roswell, the City of Roswell seeks to listen and to fully understand the perspectives of its community members. The strategic plan will align all aspects of our community life and identify specific actions for Roswell to implement.

What is a strategic plan?A strategic plan is the most fundamental guide for a community’s future. This plan sets a common direction for the city (a vision) based on the needs expressed by community members. Although relatively high-level and broad in nature, the strategic plan is designed to inform more specific policy and decision making in the future. The plan relies on heavy public participation in conversations focused on the future. The Together Roswell process is an opportunity for the entire city to pause, take stock, and define what we want Roswell to be and how we intend to get there. Specifically, the strategic plan will memorialize the vision, values, goals, and objectives of the city for years to come.

Why does Roswell need a strategic plan? Roswell needs a strategic plan to guide the overall vision for the city’s future. Although the city has gone through many other master planning processes for specific projects and initiatives, Roswell has never established one overarching, community-driven vision.

How can I get further involved? The project website includes information about the process and how to get involved. Share your email in the “Get Involved” section to be updated on upcoming meetings and major announcements. This is a community-driven process that will include dozens of opportunities for citizens to get involved. To stay up to date, check out the process website and mark your calendar with the latest opportunities.

How is this different from past or current planning processes? The City of Roswell has established many master plans over the years, but those efforts have addressed specific projects or initiatives, such as the 2035 Comprehensive Plan for Community Development, our Transportation Master Plan, or the Roswell River Parks Master Plan. For the first time ever, the City of Roswell is undertaking the creation of an overall strategic plan. This plan will be unifying, will articulate a vision for the future, and will be a touchstone for all future decisions.

How will this affect me? As a resident, employee, landowner, or other stakeholder, you stand to gain from a well-executed strategic plan. This is especially true if you become active in the process. The city is committed to providing opportunities for anyone who cares about the future of Roswell to get involved. Ultimately, the strategic plan is intended to deliver greater prosperity and quality of life to all. By getting involved, you can help shape the vision and the strategies to achieve it.

Who is leading the planning process, and who is in charge of executing the plan? The community engagement process was led by a project committee made up of residents and business owners from across the city who represent diverse interests, as well as City of Roswell staff and members of Planning NEXT, a strategic planning and visioning firm headquartered in Columbus, Ohio. They met regularly throughout the process to plan outreach activities and set the general direction for the strategic plan. This part of the process was managed by the City of Roswell’s Office of the City Administrator in collaboration with Planning NEXT.

After the completion of the Vision and Engagement Report, Council initiated a series of work sessions to define and refine the city’s strategic plan. Led by Management Partners of Cincinnati, Ohio, the group established the draft plan in January 2021 and is sharing this version with the public to gather comments and priorities.

Where are we in the process now? The Vision and Engagement Phase was completed in the fall of 2019. This phase in the planning process included included the “Get Together Roswell Listening & Learning Workshops”, pop-up events at community breweries, picnics, Downtown events, and a Day of the Dead celebration, small meetings and online activities. Following these initial workshops, over 150 community members gathered at the Together Roswell Community Summit to test the initial plan direction and establish a community-defined vision to guide future decision-making. Participants at the Summit were asked to reflect on a series of community value statements (also derived through the initial round of engagement) that define the type of community Roswell is today or intends to be in the future. Over 2,000 participants contributed more than 7,000 comments that will contribute directly to the strategic plan.

The process was delayed slightly in 2020 with the onset of the COVID-19 global pandemic and related responses and shut-downs. The work resumed, however, in the late spring of 2020 through virtual and social distanced work sessions. During this time Council, Staff and the consulting team worked collaboratively to establish goals and objectives that make-up the draft strategic plan. The work concluded in January 2021 and the draft is now available for community comment and review. 

What happened to my input from the Visioning and Engagement Phase? All input from the first phase of the Together Roswell process was captured through a master database. It was then categorized, analyzed and summarized by the planning team and compiled into the Vision and Engagement Report (view the report). This input will serve as the foundation for the city’s first strategic plan.

What happens in the next phase? The Planning Phase has begun to more directly inform the City’s Strategic Plan with the input from the Vision and Engagement phase. This phase is focused on summarizing goals and priorities, drafting and revising the strategic plan until finalization, and finally, plan adoption and implementation.

How long will the strategic planning process take? The strategic planning process is broken up into two phases, the Engagement Phase and the Planning Phase. The Engagement Phase was completed in fall of 2019, and the Planning Phase is underway. The Planning Phase will conclude in spring of 2021 after the community commenting period.

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