Together Roswell is an ambitious effort to develop a city-wide strategic plan.

The Strategic Plan

The strategic planning process is an opportunity for the entire city to pause, take stock and define what we want Roswell to be in the future and how we get there. Specifically, the strategic plan will memorialize the vision, values, goals and objectives of the city for the next five years. It will be based on input from a community that cares about the future of Roswell as a place to thrive, succeed and prosper. To complement these aspirations, the plan will align all aspects of our community life—business, culture, historic preservation, and other topics; it will identify specific actions for Roswell to implement.

Why now?

Together Roswell events will be informative and fun and allow members of the community to share ideas.

Change is happening, and this is important. There are moments throughout Roswell’s history when generations had to take pause. When the pace of growth quickens, as Roswell is currently seeing, stakeholders must assess the situation and decide if the growth and change are moving in the right direction. Together Roswell is a way to pause and ask what we want as a community.

This is a practical process. Planning for the future of Roswell represents good stewardship. Like any process that involves an important idea, there are critical steps to follow. For our efforts to define a collective vision for Roswell, we must gather data, compile and organize that data, and fine-tune it to create a representative summary of our collective vision.

This requires community participation. For Together Roswell to positively influence our direction, there needs to be significant participation. Throughout the process, more than 2,000 people have contributed their thoughts and ideas. Now it’s time to review the draft plan. Take time today to have your say. 

Everyone is invited and all voices are important. This process is meant to be inclusive—any resident or business owner who cares about the future of Roswell is encouraged to participate. We have so many incredible assets that bring us pride and we must make sure they are protected for future generations. We need to have a plan in order to do this.

Who is involved?

Everyone! Together Roswell is a community process that engages all stakeholders—residents/citizens, neighborhoods, businesses, non-profits, and institutions. Soliciting everyone’s input is critical to the plan and specific groups each play a role in the process.

Project Committee

process leadership, substance

Communications Team

participation motivation, awareness creation

Outreach Team

engagement promotion, participation delivery


general input, feedback and insight


targeted input

City Staff

project management, local knowledge

Elected Officials

connect, build, monitor, adopt


facilitation, technical expertise

How will the process unfold?

The strategic planning process has been broken up into two distinct phases, the Engagement Phase and the Planning Phase. The Engagement Phase was completed in the fall of 2019, and the Planning Phase is currently underway.  A Draft Strategic Plan is expected in spring of 2021.