Provide Feedback on the City of Roswell’s Strategic Plan Draft

By February 24, 2021 Engagement

Roswell, Ga. (Feb. 24, 2021)—The City of Roswell invites its residents to review and provide feedback on a draft of the City’s first-ever citywide strategic plan. This plan articulates an overarching, community-inspired vision for Roswell’s future and recommendations for achieving it.

Members of the public can view the plan draft and provide their feedback by March 8 by visiting

The plan draft is the result of an extensive engagement and planning process that the City began in the summer of 2019. The planning process engaged the community, City leaders, and staff in a collaborative, data-driven effort to develop a policy and decision-making framework for the future.

The plan has eight goals that address transportation, economic development, city services, collaboration and community engagement, safety, governance and organizational excellence, community growth, and quality of life. Accompanying the goals are key objectives and success measures. Each goal is important, and as you review the plan, please note that the goal statements and the supporting objectives are not in priority order.

Community feedback on the strategic plan draft will be shared with Roswell’s elected officials and will help inform priorities. Once the strategic plan is finalized, a separate Implementation Action Plan will be prepared to guide progress in achieving each goal. Concurrent with the Implementation Action Plan, City teams will begin building the metrics to methodically measure performance to inform decision making.

In the summer of 2019, the City of Roswell began the process to develop its first citywide strategic plan.
Although the City had established many master plans for specific projects or initiatives over the years (ex. Community Development Comp Plan, Transportation Master Plan, etc.), this was the first time the City had undertaken the creation of an overall, unifying strategic plan to provide a framework for all future decisions.

Together Roswell residents participate in Get Together Roswell community meeting and share their ideas.

The community engagement process, called Together Roswell, was led by a project committee made up of residents and business owners from across the City who represent diverse interests, as well as City of Roswell staff and the City’s consultants on this project, Planning NEXT, a strategic planning and visioning firm headquartered in Columbus, Ohio.

Community outreach and engagement included a series of “Get Together Roswell Listening & Learning Workshops,” pop-up events at community breweries, picnics, downtown events, small meetings, and online activities. Following these initial workshops, more than 150 community members gathered at the Together Roswell Community Summit to test the initial plan direction and establish a community-defined vision. Over 2,100 participants contributed more than 7,000 comments and ideas that were objectively recorded, databased, categorized, and analyzed by Planning NEXT and contributed directly to the strategic plan.

After receiving this input from the public, Roswell City Council initiated a series of work sessions to define and refine the strategic plan. Led by Management Partners of Cincinnati, Ohio, the City Executive Team and City Council established the draft plan in January 2021 and is now sharing this version with the public to gather comments on proposed goals and objectives.

To learn more about the process and to view engagement reports, a comment database, and other related material, visit